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JPJ Enforcement On Lorry Steel Extension Drawers

The Hardware Association has recently received numerous complaints from our members of our affiliated liasions pertaining to the above whereby they were issued caution letters to inspect their drawer extensions which does not comply with JPJ’s specifications.

This necessitate us to look into the matter and subsequently a dialogue was held between our affiliated liasions with officials from JPJ in Putrajaya on the 14 of April 2014.

According to a technical director of JPJ, Ir Mohamad Dalib had pointed out that the Transport Ministry had issued a guideline on the lorry drawers in 1998 and all lorries concerned must abide by this ruling.

However, many traders had failed to comply and this had endanger other road users and have caused various accidents due to the irregular extensions.

He also elaborated that the Ministry is currently studying into new guidelines to improve this requirement and in the meantime we are calling in all members to follow strictly to the guidelines pending any new amendment from the Ministry, if any, on this requirement.

For your easy reference we are enclosing herewith the original JPJ drawing guidelines for the steel extension drawers