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Lian Hong Buildmart Sdn Bhd has been specializing in tile roofs for many years. We handle both residential and commercial roof tile repairs. Our products are used on both new construction and re-roofing projects.

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Graphite Grey - Satin

Category: GCI - Toscana Warisan

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GCI Toscana® Warisan Standard Tile Product information

Toscana® Warisan is a new range in our Heritage Collection. A modern version of the classic high roll profile seen on roofs throughout Europe for centuries. It offers time-tested design, enhanced durability and improved leakproof performance with ingeniously designed double interlocking system.

  •     Excellent Geometric Accuracy
  •     Interlocking Roof System
  •     Colour Fastness
  •     HydroCeric & H-Cassette Production
  •     Strong & Durable
  •     Enhanced Water Tightness

Name Details
Collection Designation Timeless Collection
Length 430 mm
Scoring Weight 1
Weight per pallet 1200 kg
Weight Per Piece 4.0:kilogram
Weight per sq m 48.0:kilogram
Width 290 mm
Colour Graphite Grey - Satin