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Corrugated Zinc

Category: Metal Roofing - Corrugated Zinc Sheet

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Zinc coating: 40-80G/M2 
Thickness: 0.16mm No.35
Width: 27'
Length: 6'-12'

Coil weight: 3-5T 

Widely usage: 
In construction, it is mainly used to make roof board and grill for industrial and civilian buildings 
In light industry, it is mainly used to make casing of household electric appliances, civilian smoke stack 
In automobile industry, it is mainly used to make the parts of the automobiles 
In agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery industry, it is mainly used to make the packing equipment. The skin-passed galvanized steel in coils with zero spangle is largely used as the base metal of the color-coated steel sheets.