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SME Corp. Malaysia First Quarter 2019 Survey on SMEs


Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2019 Seminar on Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme

Exclusion of Malaysia from list of Generalized System of Preference (GSP) Beneficiaries of Japan

Volvo Fleet Discount

First CNY Dinner Between Committee Members & Youth Group

JHMBA Youth Group Attending SJFEIA 44th CNY Dinner


Chinese New Year Visitation to Newspapers 2019


December Youth Group Enterprise Visit

Malaysia-Singapore Entrepreneur Forum 2018

Singapore BuildTech Asia Expo 2018

BLESS Portal

FMHMBA - 要求各属会提供政府GST欠税款额

FMHMBA Silver Jubliee Gala Dinner

928 JHMBA Youth Group Social Networking Event

BuildTech Asia 2018 International Building Technology Expo

18.8.2018 《五金青商献爱心 水上乐园齐欢庆》

2018 Sales & Service Tax Seminar

ACCCIM Survery on Economic Situation of Malaysia for the First Half of Year 2018

Sales and Service Tax (SST) Information

Youth and Committee Members 601 Networking Night

Decontrolled 5,000 KG Commercial Vehicles Upgraded TO 7,500 KG

413 Mapei Visit & ATKC E-Commerce Sharing Session

328 Youth Group Networking Session

JHMBA Youth Group Facebook Page




2017 改选及第十八届选会提名

Dealer Campaigns 2017



Seminar on Protect your workplace, prevent your Business from Ransomware

Digital Transformation @ Take Your Business to Greater Heights

BuildTech Asia 2017

Imageering Faster Smarter Better, Re-imagine and Re-engineer Your Business for Success in the New E

35th Anniversary Celebration 2017 and 1st Inauguration of Youth Group

YYC & Chinapress

有关 MS146 标准符合性的变形合金和非合金棒

Carrying Load For Lorries Adjusted

Investigation on Pig Bristle Paint Brushes

Pig Bristle Paint Brushes Labels

Safeguard Investigation on Imports of Rebar into Malaysia

The Federation of Malaysia Hardware, Machinery & Building Materials Dealer's Association

Newspapers on Pig Hair Brush

Raid on Pig Hair Brush

2017 Merit Bursary Application

YYC Workshop on Newspaper 24/11/2016

YYC Workshop on Newspaper 12/11/2016

Budget 2017 & Tax Workshop


Tax on Steel Concrete Reinforcing Bar Products

Federal Government Gazette on Steel Concrete Reinforcing Bar Products Imported Into Malaysia

创业 5 部曲

Safeguard Investigation on Imports of Steel Concrete Reinforcing Bar (Rebar) in Malaysia

7.5 Tonnes Lorries Road Worthy

Tong Lee Cup Golf Competition 2016 on Newspaper 23/06/2016

Annual Dinner 2016 on Various Newspapers 29/05/2016

Annual Dinner 2016 on Newspaper 10/05/2016

Government policies affect hardware and building materials, Nanyang Siang Pau 22/03/2016

JPJ Enforcement On Lorry Drawers 1-02-2016

2016 Merit Bursary Award



Penang Hardware & Machinery Merchants Association 68th Anniversary Annual Dinner

2016 Budget and GST Update

The Federation of Malaysia Hardware, Machinery & Building Materials Dealers' Association

Business Model and Strategic Planning

2 Days 1 Night Kelong Trip

Important Notice: Fraudulent Email

GST Refund Payment Delay

Road Ban On Heavy Vehicles During Hari Raya 2015

JPJ Enforcement On Lorry Drawers 2-07-2015

Post GST Seminar on Newspaper 13/06/2015

Federal Government Gazette

Program GST Bersama Pelanggan by Royal Malaysian Customs Department

Post GST Seminar

JPJ Enforcement On Lorry Drawers 4/06/2015

Annual Dinner & Golf Competition 2015 on Newspaper 11/05/2015

JPJ Enforcement On Lorry Drawers 26/03/2015

Public Holiday Notice

Inauguration Of New Committee Members 2015 & GST Seminar

Imposition of 23.93% Provisional Safeguard Duty on Hot Rolled Plates

2015 Public Holidays

Nomination of members announcement on Newspaper 2/12/14

Nomination of members announcement

Update: JPJ Enforcement On Lorry Drawers Summons

Deepavali Public Holiday 2014

JBCCCI 70th Anniversary Publication

Donation to Southern University College on Newspaper 15/08/2014

GST Seminar on Newspaper 9/07/2014

GST Seminar on Newspaper 8/07/2014

Update: JPJ Enforcement On Lorry Steel Extension Drawers

Tong Lee Cup Golf Competition 2014 on Newspaper 04/06/2014

Annual Dinner on Newspaper 16/05/2014

AGM on Newspaper 02/04/2014

MHMBA & Subsidary Associations Introduction

JBCCCI 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner

Wishing Newspaper Agencies Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

90th Birthday of Peter Lim Yak Koon

JB-ASEAN International Trade Expo & Business Forum Opening Ceremony

Kota Tinggi Hokkien Association 33th Anniversary Dinner



Architecture and Built Environment Series of Events

Persatuan Guangxi Johor Bahru Annual Dinner

Johor Bahru Furniture Association Annual Dinner

South Johore Chinese Press Club 30th Memorial Celebration

Email, Go Green

Annual Dinner Gala on Newspaper 19/05/2013

Annual Dinner Gala on Newspaper 18/05/2013

Annual Dinner Gala & Badminton Tournament 2013

JHMBA 2013 Badminton Tournament

China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)


11th April not a Public Holiday

Renovation of JHMBA

JHMBA 30th Commemorative Publication

JB-ASEAN International Trade Expo & Business Forum

General Clerk

20.2.2013 - JBCCCI 2013 Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner

8.9.2012 - 诗巫五金入口商公会会庆

3.2.2012 - 马来西亚五金机械建材总商会新春团拜

23.12.2012 - 新山中华公会 90 周年会庆晚宴

22.12.2012 - 会长林昌明为子授室

10.12.2012 - 佛潮州八邑会馆78周年联欢晚宴

29.11.2012 - 新山中华工商总会交流

20.11.2012 - 柔佛州苏丹慈善晚宴

17.11.2012 - 南方学院筹募晚宴

17.11.2012 - 彭亨五金机械商公会18周年晚宴

16.11.2012 - 柔南李氏公会28周年纪念

11.11.2012 - 英汉企业(私人)有限公司北京楼设宴

8.11.2012 - 马来西亚国际建设,建筑工艺及五金展览会